New Century 8500

New Century 8500
Retail Price: $599.95
Sale Price: $499.95

Product Description

Seven Layers of 1.3 oz wave reduction fiber. 120 coils in the head to lower back area. The best body support in the waterbed industry. Patented Tri-Zone Contoured Surface: Cradles every curve and reduces pressure for comfortable sleep, promotes Stand Tall-Sleep Tall posture Patented Fiber-Net: Significantly reduces abrasion and breakdown of Fiber Support System. Non-stretch, grid netting stabilizes fiber support system for longer mattress life Fiber Support System: Provides superior waveless performance for enhanced comfort and support Patented InnerCoil Design: Responds to body weight and natural curves to provide shoulder-to-hip support required for more healthful sleep. Patented AirJet+: Expels air bubbles while filling to the perfect comfort level, and equalizes pressure for faster and more complete draining Triple Strength Corners: Features premium, triple-laminated vinyl for durability and perfect frame fit Permaflex Heater-Compatible Safety Bottom: Eliminates stress from the temperature control unit for longer mattress life 4-Year Limited Warranty